Maryland Injury Center


Maryland Therapy

DC Injury Center

2111 Rhode Island Ave, NE
Washington DC 20002

(202) 546 7246

Maryland Injury Center

3321 Toledo Terrace
Hyattsville MD 20782 / Ste 204

(301) 853 1516

Maryland Therapy

7700 Old Branch Ave
Clinton MD 20735 / Ste B106

(202) 610 0260

  • Accident Related Injuries
  • Work Related Injuires
  • Immediate Appointments
  • Morning & Evening Hours

four locations to serve you

Physical Therapy & Chiropractic

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Dr. Nesly Clerge - Chiropractor

Pain & Rehab Center

2041 MLK Ave, SE
Washington DC 20020 / Ste 106

(202) 610 0260

Dr. George Freeman Jr. - Chiropractor

Important Topics

Thank you for visiting our website.  We have two locations in Maryland to serve you.  Our Hyattsville office (Maryland Injury Center) is located near "PG Plaza Mall" with access to bus and metro stations.  Our Clinton office (Maryland Therapy) is also accessible by public transportation.  The leading health professionals at our facility are dedicated to helping you achieve effective pain relief.  We specialize in the treatment of accident related injuries and work related injuries.